MyParfumes LLC specializes in buying and selling perfume, cologne and fragrance-related products.

We have established relationships with suppliers, manufacturers and distributors to ensure a continuous supply of authentic and desirable fragrances. 

We sell wholesale and retail and maintain an extensive inventory of fragrances, organized by brand, type, fragrance family and other criteria. To protect customers from counterfeit products, we have authentication processes in place to verify the authenticity of the perfumes we sell.

We offer products at discounted prices compared to their original retail prices. Prices may vary depending on factors such as brand prestige, rarity, packaging and product condition.

We operate primarily online and across platforms including marketplaces and social media channels.

To ensure customer satisfaction with their purchase, we offer detailed product descriptions, high-quality images, customer reviews, and responsive customer support to address inquiries and concerns.

We provide efficient shipping and delivery logistics essential for timely and safe product delivery to customers.


Phone: +994 50 805 55 11